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Here’s some of our latest work that we’re very excited about.

What’s up Chuck? Motion sickness video

We recently completed an educational video that our client distributed to veterinary clinics promoting an easy, safe and effective solution for motion sickness in dogs.

“Life of Paw” pet owner loyalty website

Our client tasked us with an amazing project to build loyalty between customers and veterinary clinics by building an online pet health record that can be updated by clinic staff or pet owners themselves. Both the clinics and the clients could earn reward points for participating and redeem those points for pet-friendly items from an extensive online catalogue. Users could even upload photos of their own pets to use as backgrounds!

SelectVac Gold website

Our client asked us to create an online registration tool for cattle producers who use their vaccine. We've streamlined the process over the years so that producers could enter their herd information, the vaccines used and get their SelectVac Gold certification all at one time. No need to wait for a hard copy to be mailed, and the certificate is available immediately to print for any upcoming sales. The program increases the value of their herd and gives them piece of mind because there's a guarantee!

Virtual flea house walkthrough video

Our client asked us to create an educational video for use in veterinary clinics to educate clients about the threats of a flea infestation in the home. It was very well received by our client and the veterinary community. 

3d printed flea house

Our client wanted to follow up the video project with a unique teaching tool for veterinary staff to educate their clients on the risks of a flea infestation in the home as well as talk to clients about a comprehensive tick control strategy. We conceived and executed this project using 3d printer technology with the help of our partner Matter things 3d. The model allows staff to easily illustrate the issues with regards to fleas on pets and in the home, and on the back there is a slot for a handout on tick control and a holder for tick removers for the client to take home.

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